3D mountain range

Hi. I’m completely new to Shapr3d.

I’d like to create a 3D mountain range. I’ve traced ‘contour lines’ using splines (which I believe are closed as when I select each of them the whole shape is selected, not just the outline). I have the shapes spaced approximately 1 to 2mm apart on the z axis. I thought I’d be able to loft them up into the shape of a mountain but I’m getting an error message
“Lofted body has self intersection in at least one of its intersections”

This is my top view

Thanks in anticipation.

This is my front view

This is the hills that I’m trying to create, it doesn’t have to be very accurate.

Hi @ChocolateLover Welcome to the Forum :sunglasses:
You are on the right track.



You may pick up something useful.
You will not be able to Loft multiple ‘peaks’ at the same time.

You could try Lofting the scene in several individual parts and the then Tools > Union to join them into one if required.

我刚刚发现我制作的视频非常适用你现在的情况,你认为呢?不过很遗憾因为我使用的shapr app 的语言和你并不一致,所以我不确定你能复制我的操作过程,但根据对照命令按钮的图标,我想你应该也是有可能做到的。如果这无效,请告诉我,我愿意做进一步展示。

Thank you for suggesting an interesting method to create the effect of a hilly terrain.
Your message, for me [with help of Google Translate] is perfectly adequate.

In the above:


It was intended to enable Landscape Contours to be created as accurately as possible, reference:


In this case @ChocolateLover has chosen to simulate the chosen area of a Map by simplifying the details of the Contours. The Contours would have to be traced and spaced accurately vertically to obtain similar detail to the actual Landscape.
To obtain similar results it is necessary to utilise Contours, understanding that using Tools > Loft as the method of creation will require multiple peaks or high points to be created separately.

To explain my method, and quickly, achieve the objective a simple Spline > Fixed Control Points was used to create the largest Contour. Then Transform > Scale + Copy was used to create the other smaller Contours, all of the latter Contours being Selected and spaced vertically using Transform > Move/Rotate. After each move upward the largest Contour is Deselected and this is repeated as necessary:

Using Tools > Loft, in this case starting from the top Contour and working downward.
The reason for this was that starting at the bottom and working up everything was OK until tapping on the sixth Contour, this displayed the message ‘Failed to compute geometry’. When the Loft is complete hide the Sketch Planes as required:

To achieve multiple peaks or high spots follow the above using appropriate Contours, move into position and use Tools > Union as required.

Glad you think the video I posted is helpful. I am an architectural designer and often use a lot of architectural design software, which is BIM (I do n’t know if Google Translate can express it accurately). When planning and designing, I don’t use shapr to draw terrain. Because there are too many better options to achieve it, such as Lumion and TwinMotion. Sketchup also has many plug-ins for better and faster terrain drawing. Of course they are not available on Ipad. But for creating terrain on ipad, using Forger seems to be simpler and more feasible than using Shapr. I’m glad you are willing to try them.

Although I strongly recommend that you use more other software to make mountain hills, but this does not mean that Shapr is not good enough. On the contrary, shapr is the most intuitive and easy-to-use software I have used in the CAD field. Just because Shapr seems to be more suitable for industrial design, there is a proverb in China: fish and bear paws can’t have both. We cannot expect to have a bear that can catch fish.