Failure To Loft

I keep getting the message, " Guide curve’s vertices incorrectly intersect with profile vertices" when I try to loft a sketch. I went through the “Create A Computer Mouse” demo and I think I’m following the steps from that correctly, but apparently not. Any suggestions?

I would first try deleting the single upright line at the axis centre, and try Loft again.

I tried simplifying it as pictured below, still getting the same infuriating message. (If the developers are monitoring this, please let us know where or how the “Guide curve’s vertices incorrectly intersect with profile vertices.”)

Please send the following to
Your device/platform, version of OS, version of Shapr3D, and your Shapr3D file. The Shapr3D team monitors these posts frequently, but ultimately they will ask for this info. They will help resolve your issue.

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Ah, good points. Here’s the details:

Mac version running on MacBook Pro w/ M1 Max
Version 5.271.0 (4458)

For some reason new users aren’t allowed to upload files (other than images, apparently), so I can’t attach the .shapr file for the design.

I’ve emailed the file and a link to this thread to the support team. Hopefully they can point out what I’m doing wrong.

FWIW - I’ve had the Shapr3d application crash several times while trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong.

The Shapr3D team will grant full capability to upload, once they’ve seen your issue. This is a bit of a security measure.

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Hello @falkenavionics,

Thanks for sending us the files, we’ve received them. Without your permission, I’ll not upload them. In the meantime, your user level has been upgraded so you can upload some. In regard to the possible privacy concerns, I’ll not upload screenshots as well.
There are some tricks using the Loft tool that can be described without pictures also. If you agree to share them, I’m happy to upload some in the future.

When you are using the Loft tool, please look for creating closed cross-sections (one at each plane) that the tool can follow. If the direction of the sections differs significantly, the result may be a self-intersecting body which is not allowed at the moment in Shapr3d.
Defining the cross sections may end up in inaccurate results. As a solution for this issue, you can use guide curves to help the tool create the shape you are looking for. When working with guide curves, please make sure to create the curves in a way that they intersect with both cross sections at only one point along the contour curves. The guide curve can be made of several continuous curves, but the whole chain should intersect with each contour at one point per section. If the guides don’t touch all the cross sections or they are misaligned, we show the incorrect intersection error message

When using guides, please avoid situations where the guide starts perpendicular to the cross-section. For those cases, filleting the edges can be a solution and the result of the Loft tool will be a way simpler model.

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