Loft problem

I am trying to use the loft tool.
I am continuously getting
“lofted body has self intersection in at least one of its geometries”

What does this mean and what do I have to check for?


Here it is. I was able to loft the first three shapes but moving on to the next shape is giving me the same error.

Thank you anyways.

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bowtie pasta.shapr (4.7 MB)
Here is my file. Please take a look. I am trying to create a bowtie pasta

It means, that the lofted body would self-intersect, and can not be generated. Tweak the profiles a bit to get a smiother transition.

These kinds of messages that appear on Shapr3D screen in their appropriate times, will appear very soon and sometimes could not be read, especially for beginners, so, as a suggestion, it’s good to make their time of appearances more

:grin:it happend to me too many times during the 2017 versions to try the reverse direction and getting results. I thought it’s been resolved but…interesting

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Excellent video example!!! I’m going to play around with the loft feature today. I haven’t used it much at all in Shapr3D. Loft, sweeps and helix could be sporting on the ole cpu in the day. Not sure of the impact on the iPad? As some are aware in this forum, folks are using computers that are out of this world to doodle or gaming. At some point can we push the iPad too much? I just recently started using Apple products and that’s the iPhone and iPad and I will say, very impressive units for sure. Expensive too!!! :crazy_face:

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That’s great information… Hardware has always had to play catch-up with software … Gaming took computers to a new level and now of course CG … it’s good to know these iPads are capable of some pretty extensive doodling!!!

A typical question with folks wanting to get into Solidworks is what do they need for a computer? Google that and it’s all over the board… :crazy_face:

Absolute fact… :nerd_face:

I personally think Shapr3D is a great program!!!


Agree. And it would be great to have a list of all the error messages that Shapr3D might generate along with a more detailed description in more human terms.



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I agree with you on the folks and gaming issues and also Apple products. I think most of the products are revolutionary ones.

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Very firmly agree with this. ipad not only gives you Shapr3D as a collection of many softwares but also many other useful apps.

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