3D Print service?

Can someone please reccomend a 3d printing service in the UK. Small item.

Thankyou and regards Richard.

If its not too big you can get a budget printer to get the job done.

Search for 3DHubs. Should have that near you.

I run a 3D printing service. Email me your stl & I’ll get back to you with a price

Yes, I am contemplating it. Thanks Drew.

Ok Rob, thanks.

Hi Rob
I forwarded the file a few days ago, any joy with the quotation?
Thanks and regards Richard.

Hi Richard,

So sorry for the delay! Your piece will be £12 delivered (2nd class tracked & signed) but I won’t have a printer free until Tuesday, so it won’t be completed until Weds / Thurs.

Did you add a tolerance to the design? Eg if the inner ring needs to be 40mm then it should be designed as 40.2. The same needs to apply to every surface that will touch another surface, especially the threads.



Hi Rob.

Thanks. I have made the internal thread about 0.3mm over size, external thread size. Let’s see what happens. How do I pay you. Paypal or Bank Transfer?

Regards Richard.

Thanks Jason.