Thread Tool

Please follow the format below for requesting a feature.

The problem that this feature will solve:

A quick and easy tool for threads

Brief description of the outcomes that you expect from this feature:

I would expect this feature to allow for a hole to be quickly threaded with just a few taps and specs provided

What can’t you achieve without this feature?

Currently the only way to create threads would be to import a thread negative and use the subtract tool, or even more cumbersome, to use the helix tool which is an unnecessary complication to something that should be as simple as adding threads to a hole in a body. I would like the ability to tap on a given hole, select the threads I would use such as m6 or 1/4-20 and have threads generated.

Is this a workflow blocker for you? Is this why you can’t use Shapr3D for work? Is this slowing you down?

This is a feature inventor has and it would be a welcome feature to Shapr3Ds friendly UI


+1 for the feature request


+1 as well, having a simple way to generate threads (maybe free form generator and from DIN/ISO selection) for 3d printed part that should fit together or threads for metal screws/metal inserts would be hugely appreciated! :+1:


Any news on this? @Istvan


This is 3/31/2023 - is a thread option available now or not? If not - I’ll go back to struggling with Fusion360. Yes/no?


Unfortunately not, I’ve been waiting forever for this feature


+1 with the ability to add thread specs from ISO and DIN.


Its now 2023 and this feature still isn’t there. I’m sure a lot more people would benefit and want this feature, they are just not on the forums. Pulling in from mcmasster is one thing but creating the reverse thread is impossible. WE NEED THIS FEATURE. A solid body cad program can’t exist without this. IMHO this should have been waaaay above “folders” in the feature design list. Is there any headway on this?

Do you need modeled threads or annotations?

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I am relatively new to the 3d modeling space so not sure what the difference is. I like the idea proposed by one of the other contributors- pick a cylinder inside or out, then pick a thread style. Then click another cylinder and place reverse thread. For me the function of this is not to demonstrate a concept but to make functional 3d printed parts.

Jonathan Noorman
Phase Security & Technology

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Thread annotations would be great, but ultimately molded threads for printed parts should take priority.


I would like the ability to tap on a given hole, select the threads I would use such as m6 or 1/4-20 and have threads generated.

Yes, threads is a huge missing feature for us. Something like this would be great.



We should be able to easily create standard threaded parts (e.g. cut a hole through a solid, and say you want it to me an M4 thread, or extrude a circle and make it into an M4 bolt).

Ideally something like the FreeCAD fasteners workbench implementation that automatically applies a slight adjustment to make holes slightly bigger and rods slightly smaller so they work nicely when 3D printed.


我也很需要,I also need this in the field of processing and processing, often used

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Hi @Istvan

I see you said coming soon in January, what’s the ETA on this feature?

I’m also in need of threading feature. Currently, I’m designing lightsabers parts for production, and ideally I need to be able to mark on any cylindrical part where is thread and this information to be available in 2D documentation because right now I can’t even mark that part X has thread M30x0.75. I’m seriously thinking about going back to Inventor.

As modelling threads would be useful to test 3D prototypes, I don’t need this feature asap.

For comparison in Inventor, there is only possibility to mark threads on parts without modelling feature. What is important, Inventor will help you pick the best thread for your pipe dimensions. I struggled a bit with this in Shapr because I choose my lightsabers to have OD=32 mm and ID=27 mm, which forced me to use the mentioned M30x0.75. I needed to make all wall thickness calculations in Excel to figure this out. If Shapr could help also pick threads, that would be great!


Hi Paul,

Threads are on the radar of the team I’m working with. However, priorities sometimes can change and currently we are focusing on 2D Drawings items solely, so this is the reason they did not arrive yet. That said, after few bigger 2D Drawing items Threads and Holes will be our focus, which makes the current ETA to be in the Autumn.

Thanks for sharing your use case, sounds like a very exiting project. The needs you mentioned there are something that we intend to cater for when developing the feature.


Let’s also not forget about good ole ACME threads, commonly used in food and beverage applications.


Hey, is there any new information on this topic?

I really think that something like a thread tool is a very basic and important feature for a CAD software. Especially for a CAD software that claims to be efficient.
At the moment the only way to do this is to construct threads. Which can take a lot of time and nerves.
Also, threads cannot be properly represented in the drawing, which is a fundamental NO-GO for production drawings.

I really like this software, but without this feature it is sometimes not usable for me.

Thank you for your work.
I’m looking forward to the time when this feature is implemented.

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+1 for this feature. I like everything about shapr3d, and the ability to draw threads will allow to make it my go-to CAD software.