3d print texture

A simple 3dprint texture, basically the lines that are created when printing…

I use a 0.8mm Nozzle and use the lines as a texture on my printouts and it looks great! it would be really nice to be able to create Images that replicate this type of finish…

I can include pic if that helps…


Ho Peter,
First: why didn’t you folow the predefined form for feature-requests?
(It was there when you started this post in this category!)
Second: If you want to add textures to your 3D-Prints you may do that while slicing (for instance with IdeaMaker: ideaMaker New Texture Feature - ideaMaker 4.1.0 Available to Download! - YouTube )
I won’t drop my CAD-Performance with that, to be honest!
AND: there are features that a majority of users is waiting for, as assembies, components, bills of materials, drawings with sections… etc. ect…
A 3D-Print-Texture has to be priority 10+… so the shortest way for you towards that feature is the existing feature of a existing Slicer.
I hope that works out for you.
Cheers Matt

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