Wood grain direction

Any updates on when we be able to change wood grain direction in visualization? Not being able to do so is really making my presentations look amateurish to clients, having to explain each time that what you see in shapr is different from the final product. As a woodworker this is not good, and very important. Thank you!


We currently aim to deliver it in a few weeks. Wanted to do it sooner, but we ran into problems, thanks for the patience!


How amazing! Love your responsiveness and how you listen to your users, such a great company and wonderful piece of software. When will you go public so I can buy stock?!?


Same for me too, hoping we can add our own materials too.


Custom textures is completely necessary for me! Working with full color 3D printing and sorry that I can’t use Shapr3D to make my models…


Could you explain why do you need custom textures for 3D printing?

Cadmio has this feature….

[quote=“Laci_K, post:6, topic:23919, full:true”]
Could you explain why do you need custom textures for 3D printing?
[/quote] Hi, here is good explanation of textures and patterns for 3d printing Texturing 3D Prints for Strength! - YouTube

There is a difference between graphical texture for visualisation (like it was intended by the tread-opener) and tactile texture. I personally hardly doubt we will see tactile textures ib S3D at all. It would cost a ton of performance and you may also apply that during slicing by using Ideamaker.

Cheers Matt

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As @Matt_the-Rathje said, Shapr3D’s Visualization is just that, a visual texturing, it doesn’t change the geometry in any way, so you can’t print it out.

We do plan on adding the option of custom textures at some point in the future, however they will behave the same way as the existing ones.

As shown in the video, if you want to change the surface of the 3D print, the best place to do it is the slicer itself.

I work with full color 3D printing, for the most buildings and new constructions. We use a 3D Systems ProJet 660 that prints the textures (custom pictures) directly on the model. For example brick walls, grass and so.

So for my to fully use only Shapr3D I must have custom textures from pictures and the ability to export the model with them to VRML or OBJ.

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Custom materials are an interesting topic that we research, however it’s not on our near-term roadmap at the moment.

Will you be adding more materials though? That’s not so hard to do I expect.

We will keep adding materials from time to time.

It’s actually not that easy to create high quality materials, we have multiple digital artists working on that, sometimes we buy the material in real life to take photos etc.


Making materials takes a lot of time. Even taking photos for use as material is tricky with bright highlights and other things to avoid.

You could hold a competition for new materials…

Any update on this please :slight_smile:

Hi Bentley, material orientation has been released for a few months now.

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