3D printing from iPad

At uni, we have a number of Flashforge Creator Pro 3D printers. I can easily create stl files from my iPad on Shapr to be printed. But currently I have to save the STL to my laptop, open the Flashforge app on there and lay it out with the settings etc.

Is there an iPad app that can prepare 3d files to print? It’s frustrating that I can do everything on my iPad except the final step. It would need to save to an SD card.

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Unfortunately there isn’t. Reach out to the slicer develoeprs, and ask them for an iPad version:)

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Here is a list of slicer software. With the browser software you can also create a file on the ipad.

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Hi Alex,

Check out canvas.io - it’s an online slicer that’s meant to work in tandem with Mosaic Palette. You can upload your Cura/S3D profile and go from there.

You could try something like Octoprint.
I have an Octoprint server setup on a Raspberry Pi. I can either process the file in CURA, then drop them to Octoprint, or just drop them into Octoprint and have that perform the work, such as doing the slicing managing the print etc…

I have also setup a DropBox partition on the Pi, and pointed Octoprint to it, so I can save from Shapr, to Dropbox which syncs to Octoprint. It could easily be adapted to save to an SD Card. Plenty of tutorials and help out there for all this.

All features just run in a Browser. There is even an app for a mobile phone/iPad.

Definately worth exploring.

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Hi, wie soll man das verstehen, gibt es nun eine Vollversion die Shapr3D komplett auch als Slicer Software einbindet um dann auch direkt einen G_Code zu genieren?