Shapr3D to 3D Print Hub

Ladies and Gents… with the new iPad news release last night, I am counting down my purchase of a new iPad and Shapr 3D subscription.

That being said… I am removing the middle work and planning on designing parts via Shapr 3D and sending them directly to various 3D Printing Hubs (currently researching those).

With Shapr 3D, am I going to be able to export the file in a “typical” format such as an STL/STG/etc.?

That’s the final “check” I need before the 11/7 release date!!!

Hi - great news :slight_smile:

Shapr3D does export STL.
As for slicer, we use Cura in the Shapr3D office

Daniel-thank you for your prompt and helpful response… counting down the days until the iPad arrives!!!

Do you use the larger iPad or the smaller? And do you regret your choice in hindsight?

Hi - I have the oldest, smaller iPad Pro, but I’m quite happy with it, especially with its portability. However, for 3D modeling I’d definitely choose the bigger screen size - a bit comfortable modeling experience.

Hi Matt, instead of using a print hub, have you considered buying a 3D printer? The Ender3 is a popular choice for beginners, and will pay for itself in a month or two compared to using a print hub. There’s quite a learning curve to it, so understand if you don’t want to invest the time.