Workflow: Model to 3D printer on Ipad

I would love to get some advice from someone in the community that could help me with my Shapr3D → slicer → printer workflow. Currently I have 2 prusa printers running Octopi on separate pi 4’s. I’m modeling on an IPad pro with pencil and then (when I want to print) the headaches begin:
First, I export the file as an STL or 3MF, but I have to click a bunch of times to get the file exported to a Dropbox folder. Then I use my iPad to remote VNC connect to an old Windows Laptop running Prusa Slicer. I slice, and then I export the Goode to a Dropbox folder on that Windows machine. Then I go to into OctoPrint (one tab for each printer) and I drag and drop the files with the clunky touch interface and it’s one big hassle. Can anyone out there help me to simplify this process? Preferably I can go very fast from Shapr3d->slicing->printing without 2 dozen clicks/taps.


My work and printers are different locations. I frequently just email the STL file to shop email. Works great!

Alternatively, I save it to Files (i.e.: iCloud) and then I can download anywhere I am and use someone else’s printer.

I too have two Prusa’s (MK3s and Mini) and a Lulzbot Taz6. I do all my modeling on an iPad Pro with Pencil. I also have an iMac Pro desktop. My workflow is…after modeling, I (export) AirDrop STL files to my iMac, use Prusaslicer and save the sliced file on an SD card. Then I plug in the card to a printer and print. I find that more often than not, I’m either changing filaments or changing colors therefore I need to be at the machine at hand.

Hej Per,
This is old, so not sure if you’re still using this workflow?? If so, I’d highly recommend you add the printer (octoprint) inside Prusaslicer. That way it becomes a one-click send&print action, so you at least avoid the last trip around Dropbox.
Never tried it with more than one octoprint setup though, but it should only be a matter of selecting another printer before slicing, I think.
OctoFarm might also be worth looking at.