5.100 - Isolate mode is here

Ready for some isolation? Sure, it’s not our favorite term in real life, but definitely a top phrase in your modeling space. Here’s the full list of improvements in 5.100:

  • New: Highlight the items you need and work on your design free of clutter with Isolate. You can reach it via your items list by selecting the bit(s) you want to work on separately.

  • Improved: Working on complex sketch fillings? Now you won’t hit any speed bumps as we’ve drastically improved the load time and the speed of sketch moves.

  • Fixed: There’s no update without terminating a few sketching bugs.


Thank you Peter, to you and to Istvan and the team, as someone who has requested this feature, this is very gratifying, much appreciated.


Love the ramp up of feature releases :slight_smile:
This has been one of the top requests

I Can`t wait to see what more you have up sleeve next:
Here is My wishlist is:

  • Visualisation USDZ export and AR view
  • Materials rotation
  • Custom lighting in visualisation
  • Add photos to visualisations or material (to showcase phone/computer screens etc) I have to add this in post in procreate now.
  • Cloud sync (wich I`m already using in beta, and I love it :wink:
  • Smother login (on click FaceID/fingerpring login) and not having to set up keyboard/pencil every login.
  • More 2D drawing features: custom title block , part list, sketch lines, snap dimention lines.
  • Array (multiple copy tool)

thank you! awesome, I really needed this feature, thanks!


Thank you so much . Very nice surprise !!! Also exporting the isolated objects is very easy now.


If all goes well, this list will be empty by the end of the year. Some of it will come very soon :wink:


Ooh :grinning::fire:

Can I add extrudeable Vector graphic import to that list ?:wink: (Svg? From Affinity Designer, Vectornator and Ai?) :wink:


I second that motion.


Yay, this was a very much needed feature! :+1: Any chance for an extra lasso area selection instead only the rectangle?

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I second this.

Also, could Isolation be added to the Visualization item menu as well?

And the Image export item menu?

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A bit of a bug with this feature…

It’s great to have the ability to isolate items but I noticed a few issues.

  1. Occasionally, items that have been hidden will re-appear obscuring the view of the item I’m currently working on. I end up exiting isolation and hiding items the ‘old fashioned way’ by going through my list of items and hiding them individually.

  2. Recently, I isolated a selection of items to work on. They were an assembly of items together in a folder so it was simple to isolate the entire folder. I then wanted to further hide a selection of parts within that folder to allow me to work closer on an individual part. However, once in isolation mode no more ‘hiding’ is possible. I have to exit isolation before re-isolating the item I want to work on.

It would be great to have more control here. In fact, it would probably be better (at least in my opinion) to isolate with a different approach…

…rather than select an item to isolate with everything else automatically hiding wouldn’t it be better to have the option to hide EVERYTHING then simply select the items you want to remain visible.

Currently, the way I do this is to organise my items into sub-folders and place all these sub-folders into one folder a ‘GLOBAL’ folder if you will. Then I drag out a sub-folder containing an assembly I wish to work on before hiding the global folder. Now I can work on an assembly and still have the option to hide items within my active folder. This is where a ‘global hide’ would be extremely useful.

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Grouping bodies/ assemblies?

We can’t do everything in the next 8 months :sweat_smile:

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Thanks for your input!

Could you please give more details about your first point?
If I understand correctly you try to Isolate a folder with hidden and shown items selected and the hidden items also appear when Isolating?


Yes, that is correct.

To clearly illustrate my first point:

I recently created a model of a truck and trailer.

I modelled them in 4 sections (Hood, Cab, Bed and Trailer) so that I could work on each part of the model unhindered.

I created sub-folders within each main folder to contain sub-assemblies…

:file_folder: HOOD
:card_index_dividers: main body
:card_index_dividers: lights
:card_index_dividers: wheels
:card_index_dividers: license plate

:file_folder: CAB
:card_index_dividers: main body
:card_index_dividers: doors
:card_index_dividers: seats
:card_index_dividers: dashboard
:card_index_dividers: instrument cluster
:card_index_dividers: centre console

:file_folder: BED
:card_index_dividers: main body
:card_index_dividers: bed cover
:card_index_dividers: lights
:card_index_dividers: license plate

:file_folder: TRAILER
:card_index_dividers: frame
:card_index_dividers: deck
:card_index_dividers: tow hitch
:card_index_dividers: side panels
:card_index_dividers: wheels
:card_index_dividers: lights

Now I wish to isolate the 'instrument cluster from the CAB folder…

I select the CAB folder then select the sub-folder ‘instrument cluster’

Everything aside from the instrument cluster should now be hidden with the exception of the instrument cluster.

However, while zooming or rotating to work on an item…

the TRAILER appears and totally blocks the view!

To clearly illustrate my second point:

The instrument cluster is further divided in to assemblies:
:card_index_dividers: SPEEDOMETER
:card_index_dividers: TACHOMETER
:card_index_dividers: WATER TEMPERATURE
:card_index_dividers: FUEL LEVEL

I now wish to work on the SPEEDOMETER unhindered so wish to hide the other assemblies.

However, I am unable to further hide or isolate. The only option available is to exit isolation and then select the individual sub-folder ‘SPEEDOMETER’.

This just seems to be a rather tedious process and interrupt my workflow.

I think it would be more productive to be able to globally hide EVERYTHING then have the ability to ‘switch on/off’ any folder>sub-folder>individual item that one wishes to focus on then quickly switch another item.

Hope this helps :smile:


Thank you for your detailed answer, it helped us. :wink:
I would like to understand better your use case when you isolate the Instrument cluster folder and the Trailer appears. Could you please send a screen recording about it?


I just opened my design and isolated the ‘instrument cluster’ as described but this time it worked flawlessly with no interference from phantom items (the trailer)… typical!

Should it happen again, I will be sure to send a screen shot/recording.

I appreciate you taking the time to reply to me.

Thank you for helping us. :slightly_smiling_face:

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