Hide/Unhide with isolate mode

When something is isolated, it is currently not possible to unhide anything else.
For example, if I need a Sketch, I have to disable isolation, select the necessary elements again, and then isolate.

It would be more efficient to unhide other elements while in isolation mode.

Thank you for considering my suggestion.


Makes sense.

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I’ve also found this immensely irritating. Especially when modifying something then wanting to check it in comparison to another part. Now with HBPM having sketches tied this is all the more important to have.


Enough to make it a reality?

Asking, because the last time I received a “make sense,” the issue remained unresolved.

We receive thousands of feature requests every month, and we can’t fulfil all of them. There are many improvements that we’d love to do, but we need to prioritize.

The use case I have with this issue: I isolate some items :+1:, then select a face and sketch a hole I want to extrude. Extrude. All is good, except the newly created face is not hidden. So to get rid of this sketch so that I can select the face of the body, I must exit isolation mode, reselect all the items again, or at least one body, to get the that face.

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please hurry up!!!

it is almost bug,not feature !

To add: when you isolate a model all the hidden bodies become unhidden as well.