5.110 - Navigation presets are here!

Hey everyone! :wave:

Navigation presets have finally arrived! Update to 5.110 and pick the setup you’re used to.

  • New: Choose your go-to CAD app’s key bindings and keep using them in Shapr3D.
  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes and improvements.
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stoked to see this update. thanks team

quick bug catch : using the C4D (Maya) preset. orbit while in sketch mode draws points

Hi @bloated_totem,
Thanks for the catch! Fix is on way, I’ll let you know when it is out.


Yes! That’s the way it has to be, even my desired preset (VIACAD) is included as the new Shapr3D standard.

+10 points
There is still a lot to do :=)


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any chance we can have ’ reverse zoom direction ’ added to the cinema4D nav preset?