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Hello Shapr3D team, I have installed your software under Windows 11 and tested it very intensively - I must say I am very enthusiastic - CONGRATULATION! I work as a CG artist exclusively with C4D, MOI3D and 3DCoat - I tend very strongly to integrate Shapr3D as a CAD program in my daily workflow, but miss a very, very important possibility that all other programs have in the daily environment: 1.) the possibility to change the navigation (PAN, ZOOM, ROTATE within the 3D view should be able to be set individually) - only then it is possible to work really fast with all programs together 2.) the assignment of shortcuts to be able to quickly execute commands. I hope very much that these 2 requirements will be implemented under the Windows version - speed, conception and stability are very good - congratulations!


Hey – thanks for the feedback, we really appreciate it! Both customizable view navigation and other shortcuts are on our short-term roadmap.

Quick question: you mentioned multiple 3D apps that you use on a regular basis that have different shortcuts for view navigation and other actions. Am I guessing correctly that you are setting up all apps to match the shortcuts of your preferred one? If so, which one is it?

Thanks for the quick feedback, Peter!

My main CG program is C4D from Maxon. All compositing, rendering, VFXs (particle simulations, etc.) take place here. C4D is also used for poly modeling.

For nurbs-modelling I use MOI3D - as CAD program.

For sculpting and RETopolgy I use 3DCoat.

ALL programs use the same scheme for navigation, which is derived from C4D (Maxon):


The individual commands (e.g: Extrude, Scale, Rotate, …) I have also set in all the same. So working in 3 completely different programs (Sculpting, Nurbs-modelling and polygonal-modelling) is incredibly fast.

You are welcome to view my website with the works and projects at THANK YOU!!!

Thanks! Our design goal is indeed making it easy to switch between apps on a daily basis. Cinema4D presets is amongst the first we are planning to add.

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Now that I can sych with my computer I’d like to use the desktop version more. I see the navigation presets (awesome - thank you - I use the cinema4D settings even though I’m mainily in Blender and Maya). I’d like to also use either my wacom cintiq or my 3d connexion enterprise with shapr3d. Keybindings for the menu items (extrude, rectangle, chamfer, ertc.) would be a start (I’m on a MAC BTW). I could then program my devices to emulate the keyboard.