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Hello, I’m a concept artist that uses multiple dcc apps like zbrush, blender, substance, etc. Shapr3d is one of the most intuitive software I’ve ever use. I would like this wonderful program to be able to customize navigation, since it’s very annoying to switch hotkey context between softwares especially when Shapr3d navigation shortcut is the opposite of zbrush (ctrl for zooming and alt for panning). Hopefully you guys will consider adding navigation customization since I think Sharp3d is a very great software for concept artists.


Hello huydc, Welcome to the Shapr3D community. View navigation presets are on their way so you will be able to choose from relevant and popular applications navigation presets. Regarding full customisation we would be happy to conduct an interview with you sometime if you can set aside an hour for us. Happy modelling and best regards

Wow. I submitted a feature request for this over a year ago and the same thing was said.
And here I am a year later reading its still “on its way”.
Ill check back in another year.

Hi @huydc and @tmp88, I am pleased to inform you that the new view navigation presets are out on Windows. If you have some time, let us know what do you think. 5.110 - Navigation presets are here!

I cannot get the Windows Shapr3D version 5.110 to upgrade when trying to it says it is installing but never finishes so I close it down and go back into the apps and now it only shows the 5.100 version and not the new version 5.110, any ideas.

Thank you

Hello! There can be several reasons, may I ask you to check if there are any updates available for Windows? If yes, please update your computer. A reboot may solve the issue even if there were no pending updates.

If updating & rebooting Windows does not solve the issue, please open a support ticket at and let us know the detailed hardware specs of your machine.

there were some updated done yesterday so now when i go to the Microsoft store and search Shapr3d to upgrade it only shows the old version 5.100 the machine should not be a issue it has worked fine with other versions.

Thank you


Is the installed version also from the Store? Website and store apps are not interchangeable, only one can be installed at the time.

If you have the website version, you can download the latest version from our website.

I did install it from the Microsoft store and i just checked again in the store now it shows Shapr3d as “Install” so i am installing new version now but is is just giving me the spinning circle for at least 30 min. any ideas.

Thank you

Very strange, as it shouldn’t show install, but Update. Could you try the installer from our website?

do i need to remove the old version before installing new version from the website because it said could not install because of previous version already installed and will i loose my designs.

Thank you

No, removing the old version would delete your workspaces. So if you want to reinstall, export them first, otherwise they can be lost.

Please create the support ticket if you haven’t yet, we will investigate.

I just went ahead and exported the designs and uninstalled the old version and re-installed the new version from the website which worked. I just bought a new 12.9 ipad pro latest gen to use shapr3d on which is great but i really cannot wait until the sync between devices comes out it will make things a lot easier.

Thank you

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I’d like to second the request for customizable navigation gestures. And not just “make Shapr3d work like program XXX.” Let me assign an arbitrary modifier key and mouse button for each pan, rotate, and zoom motion.

Reason for me is that I have a disability in my hand that prevents me from using a traditional mouse. I have an old iGesture trackpad (which they don’t make anymore) that is wonderful at letting me do most things. But it’s limited in that the only type of drag motion it can emulate is a left mouse button held down drag. All of the CAD program presets require either a right button held down or a middle button held down kind of drag which this device can’t do.

So please offer a choice of something like: Option left button drag to pan. Control left button drag to rotate. Command left button drag to zoom.