5.390 - 2D Drawings Detail view

2D Drawings keeps getting better! In this release, we added a few more top community requests:

  • New: Detail views are here. Highlight important parts of your 2D Drawings at a different scale, so you can add dimensions and other annotations more effectively.
  • Improved: Now you can change the line width settings from the 2D Drawings property sidebar to optimize highlights or to adjust print quality.
  • Improved: It’s now much easier to work with fractionally formatted inches and feet in the numpad.

Check out these latest changes and let us know what you think.



At first I got excited about the mention of a detail view but then realised it can’t be applied to section views.

I hope this ability will be added as generally in architectural work (and I imagine in many other uses) detailed views are usually section details.


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Hi again,

Also good to see some control over line weights.

It would be good to see the addition of separate control over lines that are cut by a section line and those that are in the background. This is a usual convention for presenting section drawings.

I’ve also mentioned previously about the ability to turn of the hatch lines in section views.

All good steps in the right direction.

Thank you

Hi Wrigley,

I’m happy that you are excited about the Drawings improvements. These are all items on our radar coming distributed over the course of the year.

Actually, the ability to create a Detail view from a Section view is already in progress and will be added with the next release. A sneak peek from the build I am testing right now:


It would be nice if you would allow us to snap to the center point of a line when dimensioning.


Totally agree with this.

In mechanical engineering we often section components to view hidden detail. This usually requires magnification.

The new feature is excellent but use in section view is essential.

Still another excellent addition to the software though.


Just a few notes that would help me and hopefully others to make our drawings more clear and precise:

Ability to snap centre to endpoint/midpoint etc with detail view.
Ability to move the Annotation Marker as opposed to it being at a set angle and distance to the image.
Ability for dimension arrows to snap to each other.
Ability to change font size an weight in the title block
Ability to change which side of angle you want the dimension to be shown.
Ability to choose a hypothetical angle (to show a chamfer at 45º as opposed to 135º etc)

I understand that there is a lot of work behind what appear to be small changes and that most of what I mention may not be on the roadmap, but hopefully one day they will be.

Thank you for a wonderful piece of software,

Keep up the excellent work!


Fantastic! And, as always, thank you for the feedback. It’s always good to know what’s in the making.


All good stuff. Would also be good to have control over dimension and notes font and size.

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Please add option to change font size


With the newest release it is now possible to create detail views from section views as well. :wink: