New 2D sections


Quick jump into the new 2D section views. Great start!

Initial few comments:

  • If I delete a section view to renew it (because I want to adjust the section line position) the replacement section takes the next letter. So need control of section naming.
  • for architects a ‘section’ showing a floor plan is not a section and so shouldn’t have a section line or naming,
  • need some control over hatch infill. Architects often use a solid fill for less detailed sections or a variety of hatches for the different materials in a detailed section,
  • as has been mentioned before, there needs to be some control over the line thicknesses. Especially for sections as conventionally the lines along the section are usually somewhat thinker than those for objects in the background. Helps to identify what’s in section and what’s in relief,
  • control over drawing items is really a general issue. Text, section lines, arrow style, line styles, hatches, notes, dims, title blocks etc etc all needed to personalise a drawing (and to fit some drawing conventions relevant to each discipline),
  • a more general issue on ‘re doing’ views. It would be really nice to be able to make adjustments to a view without having to delete it and start again. As with changing which objects are included in a view requires a delete and start again so does any change for the section views. I can’t just move the section line and have the section view update, I have to delete and start again which also means staring again with notes and dims etc. Very time consuming.

Sorry to jump straight in, it’s great to have sections added but thought I’d make some notes.

Thanks all. Keep up the great work.


Just to add to my ‘personalisation’ note. I’ve mentioned before that, for now, to be given the drawings/sections with the option to turn off all the automated text, tile block, hatching etc would allow me to drop the drawing into another app such as Concepts to add my own text, title block, section lines etc.

This would be a big help until we have more control over the various elements. As it is I’m having to change the way I present drawings to suit the automated elements in the drawings.


A couple more observations.

Again looking at it through architects eyes:

  • the same section line should show up in all relevant views. So if you have section A on the ground floor plan it should also show up in the foundation layout, first floor, roof plane etc.
  • We also often do part sections. Eg on a floor plan the section may only run through a single wall and be referenced to a detail section of just that wall and not the whole building.

When I go through these thoughts it becomes apparent that architectural drawings can be very complex and different to product design drawings and to accommodate all the needs requires a very complex program with lots of flexibility (such as the heavy weight cad programs out there). Which brings me back to the idea of being able to produce the views and sections but with the ability to switch off the automated text, section lines, hatches etc so I can set those up how i want them elsewhere.

Thanks again.

Also, would be good to be able to rotate views. Cutting a section at an angle results in the view being an that same angle but really needs to be rotated to fit drawing layout.

Thanks again