5.400 - Manual material orientation

We have been working hard to improve Visualization and the 3D modeling experience:

  • New: Create even more realistic-looking designs that suit your needs with the new manual material orientation in Visualization.

  • Improved: 2D Drawings now also has the option to create detail views from a section view.

Give them a try, and stay tuned for more updates.


Thanks for all the dedication you and the team are putting into this and other things :+1:


Looks great! However not working on the windows version… when will this be released ?

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Hi Edwin, every feature is released at the same time on every platform we support. You just need to update the app to the latest version.

Fantastic!! So good to now have the detail view for section views. Big step forward for how I set up my architectural drawings. Good work!

Now need more granular control over line weights between section and detail views, more control over section/detail labelling, text formatting, option to turn off/change hatching and so on. I know I don’t ask for much :grimacing: but some good big steps in the right direction. Well done and thank you.


Hello Istvan,

Thnx, yes somehow I needed to (manually) update it to the newer version. Normaly the software update automatically…anyway this a great improvement also for the wood grain direction! Perfect, really great software!

… also need to be able to reposition the detail circle label on the section drawing.

Thank you for all the hard work and listening to your customers

Can custom mapping, lighting and HDR be realized?

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Thanks…… I am so loving it…… :star_struck: