New and tweaked materials - 5.140 (3245)

Massive material library upgrade in the latest release:

  • New materials added: Silver, Titanium, White Gold, OSB, Granite, Asphalt.
  • Reworked materials: Black and White Marble now look much better on larger areas.

We also fine-tuned almost the entire material library. This will get you even better looking models, no matter the material.

In this release, we’re especially looking forward to hear your opinion about the tweaked marble textures! Let us know in the thread below :arrow_down_small:


I don’t know why the shapr team seems to focus on improving the visualization function, ignoring the improvement and development of other functions, such as tolerance marking of engineering drawings and assembly functions


Visualization is just one of the many features we’re constantly improving. In this category, you’ll only see related updates, but you can catch up with what the rest of team is working on in our regular bi-weekly announcements category:

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Btw will we see materials exported to USDZ anytime soon?
Cadmio has AR view, but they lack usdz export.(for easier sharing and reality composer animation )

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We are actively researching the topic. There is quite a lot to do to make that work, but we definitely want it. I wouldn’t say soon, but it is coming, if all goes well later this year.


Please put the direction control function research and development of materials at the top of Visualization! This is the top priority! Because for the time being, especially the combination of wood materials, it is really strange to render the unified direction of wood texture. It’s extremely unreal! To be precise, it is inconvenient to show it in front of others.


After latest update Shapr3D is crashing frequently. And dialogue box to report crash is also not appearing.

I’m also having numerous crashes, seemingly more about specific tasks rather than over clocking the available RAM. And I too am not getting the dialogue box and crash report option. I would not say however that the crashes are more than you’d expect when working inside a Beta version.

I’m having to pay for Cadmio precisely because the lack of coherent wood grain direction makes the visualization unusable for wood products. Obviously this is a big add on for the software, and will require an addition to the UI. I’m sure it’ll look good when it shows up. It occurs to me that Cadmio might do better to get absorbed by Shapr, they might find themselves in the same position as for example Astropad has, where Apple has developed most if not all the functionality their narrow focused software offers. Comes a point where the narrow lead doesn’t justify the additional cost. I’m glad to have had the benefit of using Cadmio but it would need to be massively upgraded for me to keep paying for it in the long term.



Wood grain is supposed to be implemented soon though, at least the Shapr3D visualization team said so earlier. Perhaps we could get an approximate date confirmed here if we are lucky?

I completely agree with you though, the lack of wood grain orientation essentially renders the functionality useless for most wood purposes :/.

We understand that material orientation is really important, especially for wood materials. So it is one of the top things on our priority list, but I can’t tell you an exact release date yet.
There are a few things we need iron out first.


Istavan say it’s coming end of July though. Has there been any changes since than?


Would it be possible to add a 3D printed plastic texture that would show the printed layer lines? it would be cool to have 3D printed ABS pla and petg



Could you help us out when that happens?
The workspace, OS version, device, and any steps where you frequently run into a crash would all help us investigate.


That is in the ballpark, if everything goes smoothly and we don’t run into unexpected, hard to solve issues.

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Certainly, although previously there were crash reports which were pretty effortless. Since the last update, those have not appeared. One thing I’ve noticed is the reboot is very quick, and at most only one or two steps were not saved. None of these crashes were with large numbers of complex objects. Twice it happened in visualization mode when rotating the object. I’m currently doing a build which is a composite of several dozen discrete, fully rendered objects each designed first in their own file. That’s has been very stable - no crashes, even though I’m deliberately testing to see how much I can load into one scene on my iPad. I’m assuming at some point I’ll need to composite large numbers of objects on my new M1 Mac Mini 16gb, which I bought as a render machine. But so far the 2020 iPad Pro is holding up fine. Moreover, I e not been out of Beta mode for close to two months.

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