Visualization question - material orientation

I have the oak wood material applied to some dowel shapes, but I want the grain pattern to be 90° of its current orientation so that the grain runs the length of the dowels instead of wrapping around them. I see I can adjust the scale, but is it possible to change the orientation? Thanks!

Not yet, but it will be available later. :slight_smile: We continuously improve the feature, and it’s a planned upgrade.


Any latest word on this?

Work is ongoing, we expect to deliver some of the functionality in November / early December if we don’t run into unforeseen issues.

Great news!


Hi Istvan,I can’t wait to use the material orientation function in visualization. The rendered wood texture is more advanced than before, but it still needs to be further improved, because the wood texture displayed is still not natural enough. In addition, it is expected that Shapr3D can launch rendering effects similar to liquid materials such as water, wine and beverages as soon as possible. Thanks very much!

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