A bee

I’d like to share with You another bug I’ve made :slight_smile: . I had a lot of fun making it. What do You think?
I also wanted to give it some hair (bees have hair, wasps have not) , but I had no idea how to do it fast … and I know that CAD softwares are not for giving machines hairs :slight_smile: so I gave up (for now :wink: )


Very nice!

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Wow, definitely an unexpected use case for Shapr3D. Love it!

that’s very nice.
A proof of the versatility of Shapr3D :slight_smile:

magnifique !!! :slight_smile:

Inspiring users by showing the possible is paramount for the potential of a product and its users. Thanks



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I’m glad You like it. You know what? I got inspired to model a bee when I was queueing in the supermarket. I saw a honey jar on the shelf next to me and You know what happend six hours later :slight_smile: . That was fun day.
Till next time !