IKEA lamp

Hello to all! I’ve been looking for some challenging design to learn Shapr3D interface so I decided to make 3D model of the lamp witch stands on my desk :slight_smile: . Do You like it? I took me some time because I wanted it to be as detailed as possible. I had a couple of SolidWorks experience so I understood the interface quite fast.

Hey app developers! You are great! It’s so cool to work with Shapr3D. However I had some difficulties while making this model. I’m sure You are still working on it to give us even better experience. If I may I have some suggestions for You:
1 —> it would be nice having tools for making 3D sketches and splines 3D . While making this lamp I lost couple hours to make the springs endings or naturally looking electric wires. Silidworks has this tools and it really speeds the work.
2 —> Blender software has the ability to modify faces, edges, and vortexes. Shapr3D doestn’t have allow to modify vortexes. It’s very useful while creating models from blueprints.
3 —> for now Shapr3D allows to play only with bodies. What about surfaces? Will it be possible in the future to create surfaces?
4 —> those springs in my lamp are not responsive. If I want to adjust the lamp position (like I can in real life) I would have to create new, longer or shorter springs. Professional 3D software has to allow designers to make assemblies with elements that respond to movements so we can detect the parts collisions.

Hey designers, do You agree with me :slight_smile: ?


Hey Spacjamen

I do not agree completely if i may say. Shapr is very nice to work on an ipad and it allows for very fast sleek design. If you make it too complicated it will loose some of its playfulness. If you really want all the possibilities you should shift to blender rhino or others on a real computer with good processors in my opinion.

What i miss the most is asymmetric scaling. Like your springs if you could scale them in one direction then you could make them longer and shorter in a very easy way

But you did a very nice job with your lamp!

Another question. I can only post one picture and you can do many although i have a license fir 1 year… how do you do it?

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Hi, fc02, I’m not spacjamen, but I uploaded more than one pic today, I’m not yet subscribed either. I had to crop one to reduce its size, it was an iPad photo, and the forum software said it was too large just when I pressed “reply”. Screen shots taken with the iPad method ( pressPower and home keys) from Shapr3D are lower in size (data wise), so I could fit 2 in one post . Hope this helps, Tom

Tolle Arbeit. Ich habe heute an meiner Espresso-Maschine gearbeitet. Wie hast Du die Feder konstruiert oder eine Schraube?


Hello Schmid ! Awesome cofemaker. Very detailed. I should try to sketch mine, great idea :slight_smile: .
To make a spring I used the “revolve” tool witch allows to set the number o spins and “thread” height.

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Sehr gut, herzlichen Dank.–

Hi Spacjamen,

sorry but I also disagree a little. I think shaprs great characteristic is its simplicity. If you need the full pack of functions blender is your choice. But for those who find most 3D apps way too complex Shapr should be kept as simple as possible. I do agree though that there are some functions missing. And I agree with the spline functionalities. For now my workaround is the following:

Draw the curves of your electric wire from one view (e.g. XY) and then draw a second curve from another (say YZ). Now give every curve a closed area and extrude the first and substract the second. This gives you a body with one edge that exacly matches the center line of your electric cable.

Now put a profile (some oval shape in your case) at the end of that edge and sweep it along that edge (yes you can sweep using an edge of a body not only a spline!). As you have done so the only thing left to do is deleting the body and your wire is finished.


Hello Guys!
Thank You for Your responses . Why so serious :wink: ?
I think that the word “Blender” makes You think about “complicated” software … but the feature I’ve mentioned before (about tools for editing vertexes) has Polydust app - which doesn’t look complicated, does it :slight_smile: . I’m not asking for rendering or animations modules from blender. We can move edges now in Shapr3D, so I would also like to be able to move vertexes. That’s all :slight_smile: .

Nevertheless, Shapr3D is the most usefull app for me :slight_smile: . It’s pleasure to work with it.

Ok, you are right, I will relax! :sweat_smile:

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