A couple of newbie-Qs


I’m planning to make a DXF-file that is meant to be used for a waterjet machine to cut a PE-sheet into parts. With these parts I’m planning to make a water tank for a hydroponic systems to grow some herbs. In the below picture you can see the PE-sheet that’s 2000 x 1000 mm. I’d like to cut this into 3 rectangular sheets, one 254 mm x 1000 mm, and two narrower ones 70 mm x 1000 mm.

From the third piece that also is 70 mm x 1000 mm I’d like to cut trapezoid-shaped parts that shall serve as end caps of the water tank. I will post these in a new post as I can only upload one picture a t a time.
Since I’m a complete novice in Shapr3D I would need some support to make the DXF-file.
Thanks very much in advance! Zumen

This is the drawing that roughly shows the two trapezoid parts, that shall serve as end pieces for the water tank, I’m planning to make