A fantasy classic lathe

For a garage diorama I thought it would be nice to put in a lathe.
Could not find what I liked, so I designed one.
Now, a lathe comes with many accessories, and I haven’t designed them yet. I think I need to do that too, but that’s for a later time.


Nice work, that looks similar to my old Clausing lathe.

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That’s very good work :+1:

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Very impressive!

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Thanks all.
In the mean time I have printed the lathe. It is nearly impossible to print it as 1 part so I separated it such that printing was possible. Here are some pictures.

All together now (temporarily). It’s scale 1/18th and Iadded a qtip for reference purposes.

The cross-slide does slide on the prism bed.

Could not resist to put it in this state in the garage diorama.


That’s so cool.


That’s working out really great.


Love the lathe and great choice of cars.

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How the hell did you create that. It leaves me speechless