Ergonomic Figures - Male and Female

I was working on a stand-up bed design for my thesis so I made two ergonomic models at 1:1 scale in Shapr based off of Dreyfuss’ data to test different ideas. Thought I’d post the models and a couple rendered shots from Keyshot.

Here are some process pics:
PNG IMG_0160
PNG IMG_0163 PNG IMG_0176 PNG IMG_0178 IMG_0179 IMG_0180 IMG_0182 IMG_0183 IMG_0184 PNG PNG


Quite impressive!



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Well done! Is there any more public material about your thesis? Would love to read it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks a lot for the kind words. Let me get back to you on that one - I just handed it in last week to graduate so I should probably check with my prof before I post anything online. :wink:

:+1: Great! Looking forward to it.

Wow. Really impressive

Thanks for sharing

Outstandig. yes. offcourse.
Using several apps?

I want to get a picture of that where I can see the measurements of the body, like he shows on the last picture.

An advice was to transfer the body to Fusion 360 and that looks fine. But I tried to do it on the Ipad Pro
but was unable to do it. May be the versión of Fusion 360 is uncomplete to Ipad.

Still wanting to find someway to do it.

Very nice!