A few issues with M1 iPad Pro

First off, the app is noticeably less stable than on my old 2018 iPad Pro. The app often lags and stutters and I have to restart it. More annoyingly, I can no longer share STLs directly to dropbox as the sharing pane is blank, I have to save to files and then share to dropbox to print from my PC.

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I also faced the same issues, my New M1 16Mb iPad Pro is much slower than my old iPad Pro. Not stable. Hope the app developer do something.

The main reason I purchased the 16Mb M1 ipad is for this app…. Hope that it can accelerate my work….

Kind of disappointing…


Are you using iPadOS 15? When do you experience slowing down / stuttering? I’m really interested in getting to the bottom of it.

I’m using the M1 iPad Pro and also have a 2020 one, and didn’t see any negative impact, performance measurements show nice boost from the new chip, e.g rotation is much more fluid.

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I am using the latest iPadOS and latest M1 iPad 2021 with the highest specification 2TB. My old ipad 2018 can perform and run Shapr3D better. Shapr3D can’t perform at all using the latest most powerful M1 ipad! Same file can be loaded into my 2018 ipad very fast but stuck at loading when using the latest most powerful M1 ipad. Why??? This is really disappointing.

Thank you.

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This happened even with iPadOS 14. It is terrible. I can use the app for about 10 minutes before it becomes unusable. Also, I can no longer share files to Dropbox or any other share target in iOS, I have to save to Files and then manually move to Dropbox. This also predates the iPadOS 15 upgrade.

Could you share the workspaces you are experiencing the issues with? If confidental, please send them to support@shapr3d.com so we can investigate. Thank you!

@osunick The share problem is a known OS bug for years now, we hoped they fixed it in iPadOS 15, it’s not specific to Shapr3D, other apps also suffer from it. Seems like it’s still there, but there is nothing we can do about it. It happens to us too. :frowning: OS update usually helps, sometimes reseting network settings solves the issue, sometimes device reset (don’t forget to save all your designs to your mac or an external folder if you go this way, otherwise they will be lost!)

I’ve been sending crash reports under my account, because it happens all the time. Check your system and you’ll see the workspaces as I upload every time.

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Admittedly, I am a Shapr3D user, and have only used it on my 2021 iPad Pro 12.9” running iPadOS 14.8. From this limited perspective, I have found the performance better than I expected…panning and rotating are very fluid and smooth for my models. I have experienced no stuttering or other anomalous behavior.

I save all my files (both STL and 3mf) to my Dropbox drive. I am able to save to existing folders and to create new folders directly from the Save dialog box.

I have waited to upgrade to iPadOS15 as I have been an Apple user since the original Mac was released, and never use a new major release until at least a couple of dot releases have gone public. Perhaps some of the problems others are having are 15-related. I’m still waiting. :slight_smile: