Why do i have lag in shapr on my new ipad pro 5th?

hi guys! for a few days, I own an ipad pro 5th 2021 with an M1 processor. being such a powerful tablet, it runs without problems in most rendering programs, but here, in shapr, everything moves a little more slowly. even more so when I am left with very little battery, but here it is explained. but when I have a lot it still persists. there is a longer delay and sometimes it even lags… I see that many have written on the forum from 2-3 years ago about problems related to the application, but for my iPad I have not found anything do you have any idea why i suffer? it is a new tablet, well maintained and without bugs could ipadOS 17 be to blame? practically the last? or the application some say that simply the software of the application is guilty as such, not the hardware part. I had seen an example when a person on an m4 macbook has lag. how can i solve come up with solutions and try to explain WHY I’m experiencing this on my ipad model thank you and I expect urgent, complex and approved answers

Without more information it’s not possible to identify the issue. If you are not using parametric modeling, there is a chance that you just created a history with a zillion steps. In this case you can simply merge the history which might fix the issue.

I do not understand exactly and concretely what you are explaining to me. can you tell me in more detail please? and other information… I have nothing to tell you. I have a delay and that’s it. I didn’t make too many settings because I’m new to your application and the tutorials themselves don’t give too many details. than too general things that anyone can understand, at any time. so please tell me more concretely the problem (what it would be) and METHODS to solve it

Edit : I did a little research about what you were saying (parametric modeling) and yes, if it’s as I understood, I really design everything in a cube. it’s something hard to build square in it, by the way

good. thank you! I will try…but I have one last question for you: do you think that my iPad is not prepared enough for the level of work/performance at your place or something? I ask you as the platform manager. do you think my device does not meet the necessary requirements? I honestly doubt that they wouldn’t do a…
but I’m also curious about ur pov

No, M1 iPads are supported.

Then why i experiment lag. For reasons i don t have settings up? Writing by you?

Unfortunately without more information it’s not possible to provide more help. If you’d like to solve this problem, please

  1. share a screen recording of the issue
  2. if possible share the design with our support team confidentially
  3. provide a step by step description of how to reproduce the issue