A series of golds

I created some golds in different scales, but found that it is difficult to control the visualisation of the golden colour.

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What do you mean by:


There were many area shown as black colour, but not always in golden colour that i wished what it should be. If the angle of the light can be adjusted, then I can make sure certain part is in golden but not black colour.

The reflection depends on the environment you are using. Each environment has black elements in them, which will, when reflected by a polished metal, will also be black.

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I see, so here I changed the materials of some golds. It seems they reflect less black colour from the environment.

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Yes, reflection also depends on the type of finish (as well as the material itself) applied. The polished finish is close to a perfect mirror, others scatter light differently.

Later on I created a text on the curved surface, then do extrusion. I found it is very difficult to align the text in the centre.

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Instead of projecting the sketch to the body, I would project it to the plane under the body, where the circle is still present from which the globe was created, use that to align to the middle, then extrude the text as a new body, and if necessary, union it with the globe. Then cut it if necessary to follow the globe’s curvature,

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Great. So I created another half of sphere, then do the align function. But once I did that, the sphere is gone, so should I do it four times if the text has four parts?

You can turn on keeping the bodies, so they aren’t gone once you subtract them.