Bug using Mirror and Color

I found what I think is a bug using Mirror and Color. Mirror a body and go to Tools. Select both bodies then click on Color and the mirrored body becomes dark. It appears to stay dark until you physically alter it after which you can undo the change to get it back, and, the color is now corrected.

You don’t have to select both bodies initially. You can select only the mirrored body, go to Color and it will be dark. If you click on Color before you select the mirrored body, Color appears to work correctly.

Regards, Mike

I had the same thing happen once. Leaving the app and coming back to it also fixes the problem.

@TigerMike It happened to me in:

Alternator Casing - Front Mirrored to Rear

Similar to @Hux83 the workaround was to properly exit S3D. On running it again the Rear mirrored Casing changed from very dark Grey to the lighter colour of the Front Casing.

Unlike your experience everything else tried failed.