Absolute position for sketch points?

I import some files from a tool that generates geometry. They import as sketches and I need to move/rotate them into position.

To do this, I want to get a point from one sketch, to align to a point in a different sketch. These two sketches are typically on different axis. My workflow is this:

  1. dragging lots of lines across each sketch
  2. finding the intersects
    3, getting the measurements of the lines
  3. moving the sketch.
  4. Deleting those lines that are no longer needed to reduce clutter. The projects have lots of geometry.

If Absolute positioning was also shown for each point, I could easily just look at the related x,y,z, Do some basic calculations, then move the sketches into position.

It seems like adding absolute coordinates would be a very simple feature to add, but perhaps there is more to it than I’m imagining.

Is there perhaps a better workflow for what I’ve described above?


Could you maybe post a video about your process to make it clear? My first approach with be just snapping an anchor point of the sketch to the origin and then moving the entire sketch via the move/rotate tool, but that’s something you’ve certainly tried.

Also, the Translate tool can also translate sketches and it can snap to sketch points, that can be useful, too.

but that’s something you’ve certainly tried

Actually, I haven’t :laughing: That is a good tip I will remember, thanks.

The problem I have is aligning with existing sketch point that is not at zero.

If you see the attached screen shots below, I want to align the bottom imported sketch B with the existing sketch A. Sketch A is not at origin x/y/z zero. For example, one of the points of sketch B should align to a point on sketch A.

I can move a point from sketch B to origin zero, but I don’t know the distance to align to the point A.

Also, how did you move the sketch with the point in your video? I have to select the move tool to move my sketch. You selected the point, then dragged it to move. When I do that, it just changes the size of the sketch. It doesn’t move.

Thanks for your help.

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The trick to move the entire sketch with dragging is to select the entire sketch, including all points and lines. You could do that by double-tapping on the line or via area selection:

The manual entry for this goes into details about this.

Regarding positioning the two sketches next to each other – it sounds like a job for the Translate tool:

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This is VERY helpful. Thank you so much! You just saved me a huge amount of time :grinning:

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