After the update of version 5.110

Since I updated the latest version, I have been unable to open one of the documents. You can only force quit every time.

Hey there, that should not happen. Would you kindly contact us on our support channel, so we can help you on the subject and investigate the issue?

Hi,Sebestyen. Sorry! I can’t open this document. Therefore, there is no way to upload it to you by email. I don’t know how to communicate with you. I tried it many times but couldn’t open it as I wanted, so I had to forcibly quit the APP again.

@Xiamen0592, In that case, write us a support ticket on our channel and we’ll help you fix the file if it is recoverable.

Sorry! The actions submitted are very cumbersome. I can’t upload the document that can’t be opened. I’m not sure I have successfully submitted it to you.