Align along axis

I’d like to move object B until it “hits” object A. If I try this with align, it moves to the center of the target surface. However, I only want B to move along a single axis.

How can I do this?
Workaround: Project edges/sketches and align the edge - but there must be a better way.

try using the translate tool. Select: Transform, translate, select object B, then hit next, then you can select the edges you want to align and move the dots on each object to align them how you want.

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May be use the “replace face” tool and after set the length of the B again…

No. This would make everything even more complicated
Replace face: is not the same as move. Especially for complex bodies.
Translate: same problem as align.

So far, the project-approach works best, but there must be a better/correct way. Something like “drop to face”.

I wonder if updating the translate tool with 3D guidelines to snap to would help, if that is possible?

So you want something like the snap tool here? SNAP (Command) | AutoCAD 2018 | Autodesk Knowledge Network

“Snap to face”:

  1. Select source face (a face of the body to move)
  2. Select target face
  3. Shapr3D projects the edges of source face to target face and performs align on these edges.

To be honest: I had the idea of using project while writing the initial post. since there are only 2 steps, I don’t think it would be worth the effort to write a dedicated command.