Cant align on a single axis

I want to a move a body so that it joins up against another. When I do so it join but also moves it on the other 2 axis, presumably aligning the centre points too. I only want the body to move so it is up against the other and not have move out of its original position. So I am moving it back but then it also goes up and to the side.

How do I move so 2 bodies are butted up along a single axis, but not moved in other planes?

Use move tool and pull only one arrow.

Thanks, that is what I have been doing but unable to get the objects to snap to the other object’s plane. I have to eyeball it, and if you zoom in you cant drag as the drag handles are locked to the centre point of the body which goes off screen when you zoom.
I have found if I create a plane using the face of the other object it works, but seems an over complex way to align something

Objects in Shapr3D not snapping to each other.
To align objects you have to use align tool. Or calculate exact position and enter it as a numbers.
If you share you project I can show how to deal with exactly your situation.

The Align Tool is incredibly powerful and versatile. Take a look at Mastering the Align Tool . It is pretty long, but gives a great overview of the power.
Or if you just want a few visual hints, just search YouTube for “Sharpr3D Align”.

In general, with the Align Tool, if you can select useful “points of reference” (POR) on both the source and destination, you can usually “snap” to the desired position. Where the POR is a corner, midpoint, or center of a plane or edge. Or at least get close and then use the arrows to fine tune before you click done.

Also, you mentioned losing sight of the arrows for the move command when zoomed in. If needed, you can reposition the arrow “gizmo” by dragging the center dot handle to a more convenient location.

Try using the Translate tool.

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Thank you! I will take a look at the link

Thank you - actually I will take a look at the link provided by Steve for 'mastering the align tool. If I get stuck I will take up your kind offer. regards Jamie