Hon to align an object along only one axis?


I’m rather new to Sharp3D and I really like it!
But I’m struggling a bit to get used to not be able to manually enter coordinates in x,y,z!

How can align the selected object in the image below, to the object which the red arrow points to? I would like to only move the selected object along one axes, since it’s already aligned in the two other axes!

Many Thanks


Hi, and welcome to the community. Have you tried the Align tool?

Hi and thanks for your quick reply!

I did try with both the align tool and the transform tool, but after your comment I tried the align tool once again and by selecting only the edge I got it to work.

Many thanks!

I tried to attach a video showing how I did it, to help others, but since I’m a new user I’m not allowed to add attachment.

Great to hear that. The Move/Rotate tool is designed to freely move objects, the Align tool is great for perfectly aligning and snapping objects.

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