Align perpendicular

I’m trying to align or move a body into a corner where there seems to be no snap points. I want to move it perpendicular to the longer two bodies.

How can I do this?

To answer my own question, I managed to do it with a construction line and the translate tool. I’m wondering what the difference is between translate, move and align are.

Translate translates objects by a vector. You can define that vector by two points.
Move/Rotate moves and rotates objects freely in 3D space. You can set the center of the transformation by dragging the center of the gizmo to somewhere.
The Align tool perfectly aligns and snaps two bodies by selecting two matching geometries that can be aligned. Eg. you can align two bodies by selecting two linear edges of the two bodies, or two cylindrical faces, or two circular edges, or two planar faces, etc.

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Could these all be combined? It seems if you’re moving something, there’s always a start and end point. I think selecting them could be a modal operation where the start can be wherever the pen is when tapped, then movable to snap to endpoints, tangents, perpendiculars, etc. The end point selection could work the same except maybe it also has an align option. I don’t know … still learning Shapr3D and trying to translate from my AutoCAD / Fusion 360 experience.

No, not really. These are separate tools in Fusion 360 as well (Move and Align are separate tools, and Move has an option to translate only). These tools have separate use cases in the modeling workflow, so it makes sense to keep them separate.

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