Align Tool

Using the Align tool. Is there a way to align 2 panel pieces to a particular place such as an edge. Right now It aligns in the center only and I have to drag to get the 2 panels to align corner to corner.

Thank You

Try the Translate tool.

Great after watching a Shapr3d video this does seem to be what I want. But… I think the Name Translate does not describe what the tool does, at all. And why not just combine this function or roll this function into the Align tool. So I can do basic align functions and precise align functions using the same tool. The Tool name Align says exactly what I expect the function to perform. Align two parts. Translate on the other hand say to me that I want to Translate or convert something into another such as mm to cm or mm to inches, etc. Like Translating English into French, for example.

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