Aligning sphere with open hole

I have a flat bar with a 25mm hole, and a half sphere with a 25mm opening on the bottom. I’m trying to move the half sphere so it sits on top of the bar and aligned with the hole. I can’t seem to snap on the locations I need, so I’m probably looking at it the wrong way. Thank you.

Have you tried using the Align tool?

Yes, but maybe I’m doing it wrong. I first click on the ID edge of the sphere and it turns purple, so it seems like that must be a valid selection. Then I select the edge of the hole and that also turns purple, but the sphere turns blue again, and it just goes back and forth like that.

Like this?

Those are the steps I’m taking, but it doesn’t work. One way mine is different from yours is that my half sphere has an inside wall, and I’m aligning the inside wall to the hole. Should that matter?

Can you share a screen recording?

Ok, this is weird. Each component still had an associated sketch plane, and after I made them invisible, the align tool worked. Then I made them visible again, and it still works. So was the mouse grabbing the sketch plane instead of the body since that plane occupies the same space? Did hiding and unhiding change the click order?

When creating bodies, should I remove these sketch planes so they don’t interfere?

You can hide the sketches, but they shouldn’t interfere. We are working on a better auto-hide logic, which will be introduced together with parametric modeling.

Either way, is there any reason to keep the sketches around once I created the component? I just want to understand their overall purpose.

Also, I’m using windows, and is there a way to do screen recordings in the future? That would be useful, and I wasn’t sure how other PC users were doing it.

In the current workflow, if you don’t want to use them later, then you can delete them. With parametric modeling, deleting the sketch will delete the related bodies too, but you’ll be able to hide them just like now.

I was wondering, because after using the align tool, the sketch plane is just hanging in mid-air where the sphere used to be. So I’ll delete them for now, and I assume that won’t happen in parametric modeling in the future.

Istvan, I must say that I am not excited about deleting the bodies in the parametric version when I delete the sketches. When you say current workflow, is there a future plan to change that? Will the parametric model version always bring back the sketch plan when you select the body?

Instead of deleting, you’ll simply need to hide them. This is the only major difference between the current workflow and the parametric workflow. Would that work for you?

Istvan, if I start to draw on that plane again, are the sketches going to show up again? The current version brings back the sketches each time we begin to draw on that plane. By deleting the sketches, we can draw on the plane in the same area without the old sketches showing up.

If the parametric version deletes the bodies when the associated sketches are deleted, we will be forced to leave the original sketches and have overlapping sketches when we create new sketches. Creating an offset plane and sketches could be a work around, but the offset needs to be considered each time a new body is created, which is extra effort. We should survey more folks on this, but I’m not a fan of the bodies being deleted, when a sketch is deleted. @TigerMike, Drew Shepherd, Alan Somers, Nathan D., thoughts?

No, you can have multiple sketches on the same plane in the parametric version.

Istvan, yes, but not in the same space. Today I can draw a sketch, then extrude it. I can then delete that sketch and draw another sketch in the same space, without having to trim mines from the original sketch.

An example of this is creating a shape, then extruding it. I edit the body to have chamfers, filets, holes, or whatever. Now I need to create the Sketch of that body. Today, I delete the original sketch, and Project the body back onto the original plane. I can then Export this using Export/Sketch/DXF and send to my CNC.

If in the parametric version it deletes the body as well, I’ll have to project the body onto the original sketch plane, and then edit (trim) all the lines from the original sketch.

In the parametric version you can have multiple sketches on the same plane that are not interfering with each other.

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