Deleting the sketching pane deletes associated body

I don’t know if this is a bug or not, but it doesn’t happen in the regular, non beta Shapr3D. I hope it gets fixed soon, as I now have to make a folder dedicated to hiding the sketching panes, which is inconvenient compared to just deleting them.

I see.
Any idea if there will ever be a feature that allows deletion of sketching planes?

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No, that’s “incompatible” with parametric modeling. Why do you want to delete them isntead of just hiding them?

It’s mostly to do with convenience with my drawing tablet, I have to go back to my mouse to drag it into the folder instead of just pressing delete, which is what I would normally do.
I’ve started making folders for the sketch planes, and I suppose that’s the solution here.

Why do you need to go back to your mouse? You can drag it with your fingers as well. Long tap+drag.

Ill have to try that, in the past it hasn’t worked but I don’t have my drawing tablet on me so it’ll be a bit, I appreciate the info

In the “old” Direct Modeling Shapr, many of my designs would only have bodies when I was done. It seemed “cleaner,” and often sketches just got in the way. Like when selecting a body but double tap on a sketch. Any sketches I needed I could recreate with projections. The great Claas Kuhnen even mentioned that in one of his tutorials. With HBPM, deleting sketches is something to avoid. Would a “Hide” button by the “Delete” button be feasible?

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We are working in improving the auto-hiding logic. In most cases your sketches will be hidden automatically.

Great, thanks!

is there’s chance have a option to disconnect sketch
because to much sketch looks Messy
too many sketch will slow down the devices

We won’t have an option for that. Multiple sketches should not slow down your device. If that happens, please file a bug report.

I think this is what I want to express.

Sorry, my expression may have misunderstood you.
When I use NX, I have this function. “removed parameters”

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This is the reason I would like to be able to delete or detach sketches, etc. Maybe this is actually a bug, not sure, but as you can see in the video, the loft does not work unless I remove the sketches or move them completely away from previous sketches. Prior to this example, the sketch was more complicated and took longer to deal with. I don’t have a problem throwing all sketches into one folder and hiding it, the problem is when they interfere with other sketches, some of the features break, or at least the lofting feature here does.

Example Issue

Hi @JeridHill , the solution for this issue will be to properly handle neighbouring profiles in the Loft command. We’ll definitely improve this.

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Hi all,
I understand the confusion for those new to Parametric modeling. The whole point is to be able to go back to step 1 and make a change where everything (hopefully) updates. Sketches are usually the main driving force to accomplish that goal. Frequently one of the best methods for creating parts is to create 1 or several layout sketches that may contain the overall key definitions of the part or object you are creating. These can be used to drive the whole model. (Think of it this way… placing drawings/images in the file to work from but with dimensions)

So one thing that would help with the issue of hiding sketches is the sketches being absorbed (aka) automatically hidden after completing an operation such as extrude or loft. Most programs also have a hide all or show all function for sketches which is very useful. But Shapr3D is no different than any other modeler as in if you have multiple sketches showing or overlaping it is difficult to select what you want. Adding an select other option/function can help but ultimately keeping only the necessary sketches showing makes life easier.

As for the multiple bodies question. In a true Assembly mode, not modeling multiple bodies or copying bodies in a single model file, would give the ability to disassociate the body from the history but this also has limited value. A better way is to have a configuration or multiple configurations of the original body but I think thats probably getting way ahead of where they are today.

I’m another user who would like the ability to delete the associated sketch.

Scenario 1)

I frequently create complex shapes and then import them into larger projects. I do this because I don’t want the complexity in my main design. In these scenarios, I do not want the history imported, just the finished body.

Scenario 2)

If you create a solid from a sketch then move that solid or create copies. The sketch and the solid now occupy completely unrelated places in the design, yet are still linked. As a user there isn’t a “why wouldn’t you want them still linked” reason – I wouldn’t want them linked in this scenario.

Some usability suggestions:

  1. Confirmation dialog if solids will be deleted. This is critical. You can delete some sketches without losing any solids, other sketches you lose solids. It’s not just deleting a sketch, sometimes deleting just one line from a sketch will delete a solid even if that solid and that line do not intersect. In fact, it seems to happen more often when the solid and the line in the sketch do not intersect. (ios app version 5.590.0.6756).

The fact that solids may get silently erased when I use the trim tool on a line nowhere near the solid is very far from the ease of use focus that brought be to Shapr3D. I still really love Shapr3D but have grown hesitant to recommend it to beginners – for the moment.

  1. Ability to merge or disconnect a solid from the history.

History is a cool feature I’m looking forward to having. I write software and use git and how it handles history is brilliant. You can squash N number of the latest changes (commits) down to one change (commit) so you have one action in the history. If history is going to be a central line through the software and answers will be given, “you can’t do x because of history” then I’d likely want similar features to squash, merge and delete items from the history.

  1. Copy without history

If I had a way to copy a solid and have the copy be without history that would be great. I could then edit the original solid and original sketches without inadvertently impacting the copies of the solid.

I currently heavily use the copy functionality because I want to make a risky change to a solid and want an easy way to get the old version back. This will be solved with history, so my life there will be improved. In the new version, when I do copy a solid it will be because I actually do want a separate and distinct solid not connected to the original, so I think it would be safe for copy to not copy history as a default behavior.

If there is trepidation for that kind of a change, perhaps distinguishing between a copy with history and a copy that is truly standalone could be done with some UI love. Perhaps the word “copy” can be without history and “clone” can be with history (or vise versa). There could be icons added in slide-left menu for the items. Where the word “copy” shows up on a solid could potentially be clicked twice; first time turns copy on, second time turns clone on, third time back to off.

Overall I would like to thank all the Shapr3D team for making such a wonderful product and continuing to invest in it. It’s very clear and quite impressive how much you’ve been doing over the last few years since I started using it in March 2020 at the start of the pandemic. I am just a hobbyist. This was my first CAD program. I’ve paid the subscription for 4 years now and don’t regret a penny given the joy it has brought me and how much you are clearly investing in the software.


Hi @dblevins

Welcome to the forum.

At present, the best answer I know to scenario 1) and scenario 2.3) is:

  • isolate the body
  • export in xt format (native parasolid format)
  • exit isolate mode
  • import the file you have just created

Doing that, you will get an exact copy of the initial body but totally detached from history and from the original sketch.

I agree, this feature is useless and disturbing. My design has hundreds of part and it is non sense to keep all of the sketches. I make articulated toys, without sketches my last design already has size 300MB+ and my M2 Ipad pro can’t handle it with many forced close.
Imagine if I want to delete all of unwanted sketches that linked to the model to reduce the size and confusion. Suddenly hundred of parts that linked to it changed = DOOM.

Please disable these feature.


I understand that this can be confusing at first. You shouldn’t delete your sketches. You can turn on the “Bodies” filter in the items menu, so that you won’t see the sketches. You can use Shapr3D just like you used it before, with the biggest difference being that instead of deleting your sketches you should hide them. I recommend learning how to take advantage of parametric modeling, it can make your workflow 10x more effective, especially if you combine it with the direct modeling workflow. We have many new tutorials on our youtube channel.