All the bodies in my design files aren’t visible

So yesterday I was workin on some files I clicked the eye icon on some of the bodies to hide them but for some reason it hid all of them (these were individual bodies not folders) I re-clicked the eye icons to bring them back but to no avail. They are still there because I can select them in the later menu even though they are invisible. Has anyone else had this issue? More importantly has anyone solved it?


So it’s happening to all my files now…. If I go in and hide a body they all disappear and I can’t get them back.

Hi Logan,
Check the following Points:

  • Is the section view active?
  • What Hardware are you using?
  • which version of Shapr are u using?
  • Do you have ability to try on another device?
  • Is the behaviour the same on both devices?
    Cheers Mattr

Just in case you accidentally zoomed out too far, double tap the cube at top right of your screen and that will bring your scene back into view.