Sketch & Body error

Hello Everyone

in short i have a Design with many Sketches & Bodies in that File, and the issue is that now after some updates from Shapr3D - now i can’t see anything or make edits ** i uncheck the Hide- View Button to see my Sketches and Bodies

Nothing works - Submitted Requests to Shapr3D Nada
which isnt too Great for me because im using these Designs for my already Live Kickstarter Campaign and trying to work out some minor issues and want to give the Best Possible Product

So Shapr3D if your listening i would ask to Please set a time with your Busy Schedule to Please Assist as ive sent a few Requests directly to You and have gotten no responses

had some other minor issues but after the updates those issues went away, but as for that file, for the Kickstarter its been a Nightmare

if anyone has any ideas i would greatly appreciate your Support, Godbless

Hi there,
Can you please tell me on which channel you contacted us? I just checked our ticketing system for the email address you are using on the forum, but I could not find any open cases.

Please feel free to contact us using the link below, we are happy to check the design


Did you try double clicking on the Orientation cube? Maybe you are zoomed out too far, and that’s why you don’t see your bodies.