These assets were created in Shapr3D




And here they are incorporated into the video for my KickStarter Campaign which will go live on 3rd December at 5pm GMT

And here is the link to the preview of the campaign…
All feedback and comments welcome :smile:


Hey Steve,
to be honest: I find your post a little confusing…

  • the kickstarter is for a computer-game?
  • You modeled the “Alphanado” and the EMP-Device in Shapr3D?
  • What Software did you use for the rendering/animations?

Tell us a little about the workflow.
Apart from the confusion: Nice Work!
Cheers Matt


Hi Matt,

Sorry for any confusion. I will attempt to clear it up…

the kickstarter is a computer game?

No. ALPHANADO is a physical card game.

However, if the KickStarter is successful then I will certainly consider producing an ‘APP’ version of the game.

You modelled the ‘Alphanado’ and th EMP-Device in Shapr3D

Yes, both the ALPHANADO and the EMP Device (along with the HYPER Pods) were modelled in Shapr3D

What Software did you use for the rendering/animations?

I rendered the models in Shapr3D. However, the ALPHANADO benefited from some colour adjustments in Affinity Designer.

I do not have any animation software so I created a stop motion sequence the ‘old fashioned’ way.

Tell us a little about your workflow.

Basically, for both the ALPHANADO and the EMP Device, I created many ‘instances’ of each model by transforming a copy of the specific models.

I then hid all instances except for the desired one.

It was then relatively easy to render the model with Shapr3D visualization and capture a frame before hiding one instance of the model and revealing another one.

I did it this way so that I would not have to risk moving the model between frames. I just simply hid/revealed the instances of the model that I desired.

It’s a shame that Shapr3D doesn’t have a feature where a camera view could be set/locked like that in SketchUp. - @Istvan

Once I captured all of the Shapr3D model images I proceeded to load them onto the timeline in iMovie for playback.

For the top down view of the card game in play, I performed a similar technique in affinity Designer. After first creating the images I created ‘instances’ of each card movement/placement before hiding/revealing the desired cards for image capture.

In all, I created 1058 images from Shapr3D and Affinity Designer to create the video. It was an extremely tedious task!

I hope this explains everything. :smile:


The animations are nicely done! Excellent job.
I’m curious, who is doing the voice over? Is it you?
(It sounds like Sean Bean to me.)


I can’t believe you recognised my best mate Sean.
He frequently pops by for a cuppa and a chat so I asked him when he was over last week to help me with the voice over for my campaign.
He was keen to help and…

Okay, okay enough BS! :rofl:

Yes, it’s my voice. I attempted to do a cinematic voice over but I think it sounds awful :rofl:


Nice work Steve. A Labour of love by the look of it.

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