An animation based on that spaceship environment I was building

Thought you might like to see it, even though this output is very compressed (max size limit here is 30 meg). The scene is dressed with some kit-bashed models, the crates, gun, chairs the bodies etc, but the whole environment was built in shapr3d. There is literally no way I would have been able to build this thing so fast in any other software I know, I am a huge fan of shapr for hard surface stuff, it’s incredible.


Very cool project, thanks for sharing! :+1:

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Incredible! :ok_hand:

That’s incredible!

5 stars! How much was done in Shapr? Can you summarize your work path for us? What tools besides Shapr? Also the sound bites, Where’d you get all that. Is this your creation alone?

I can’t wait to retire so I have time to play more.


Absolutely amazing work, and effort! Did you do this on an iPad, Mac, or PC? @Istvan, if given permission, this should be on LinkedIn, with Pete’s comments.


That’s amazing. How did you compress all that to under 30 mb? What did you import the build into for the animation? Fantastic piece of design but also a real narrative.

Okay, that is Litterally MINDBLOWING. Amazing work! Please, could you describe the process from building the environment in shapr3d to this? The general environment is as good as the now famous Astartes project (the warhammer animation).

How would you go about doing simple animations? e.g. the rotating lock?

Love your work! Big clap!

ah please don’t link it anywhere else, it’s a WIP

the enviroment was done in shapr, allot of the things inside it, the crates/bodies/cables/gun were from kitbash collections because it’s pointless to reinvent the wheel. It was made in shapr, exported as .STL, optimised in blender, then animated/rendered in 3ds max using vray

exported it from premier using H.264 compression

Actually, since this is a promotion piece both for myself and a company I work for, I might have to take it down until we have an official, final version with our branding, link info and all that crap on it, so I’ll leave this up for a week then delete it, grab a copy if you like it, or just check my art station page where I’ll eventually figure out how to post high res videos. I’ll put the final there, once it’s done.

I just thought you might like to see it as an animation, it’ll probably be ages before we have a final because there’s a bunch of stuff that happens inside the tank we haven’t done yet. Thanks for all the kind feedback!

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we have a pro sound guy who did some of the sound and the music, and I think he did a great job, but I added allot of my own sound from clips I got off a free sound archive I use allot:

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Fabulous, lovely piece of film, thanks for letting us have a look

I wish I would have gotten into CGI. It was my dream. Your animation was Reminiscent of the new Foundation series on Apple TV.

NGL, as incredible as the visuals are… the sound design is awesome!

This is DOPE!
Awesome job guys!

Wow nice good job really

That’s amazing work, so detailed and realistic.

What surprises me most is: How can your Shapr3D withstand you building such a huge scene? Won’t the APP crash? Why does my slightly more complicated model of my iPad PRO with M1 chip flash back?