An animation based on that spaceship environment I was building

I’m working on a PC, not a pad, so the hardware, especially the video card is allot more powerful I assume.

Most cases, the main restriction with big models is the memory capacity, which maxes out at 16 GB on iPad Pro M1. Most modern windows PCs come with at least that amount, but you can go up to 128GB on most customer desktop platforms, not to mention the HEDT platforms.

Thank you both for your reply. I see.

i uploaded it here to my art station page, at much better quality


Just watched it. Stunning!

Insane! Well done

Wow that is really amazing work :+1:

:astonished: Wow… this is way, way over the top. Excellent. Thank you for reducing my modeling knowledge into the square root of a grain of salt, or aphid knees…