Animation and simulation PLEASE

I have been using Shapr3d for the 2022-2023 school year along with about 4 other CAD programs, and let me just say Shapr3d is by FAR my favorite, I love how the key mapping makes sense and everything just works together and rarely makes me want to rip my neurons out. The only reason I even have the other slow, clunky, stupidly complex CAD programs cough cough (Solidworks,Fusion360) is that they allow for me to animate and simulate my parts moving together. I can promise you that if you add animation and simulation (take your time with simulation I understand its super hard to code) Shapr3d would be THE go-to cad program for everyone. I already recommend Shapr3d to my classmates and that would just be icing on the cake.

Here is an animated video of a model rocket airbrake system I made in Shapr3d and animated in Fusion360(yuck)
nevermind new users on forums can’t add attachments but I promise you it looks super cool :sunglasses: