An easy way for a screw and bolt threads

Don´t know if this is a common way, but I found this the easiest way to make threads to a screw and a matching bolt: use hexagon! Simply draw a hexagon, divide it in two parts and revolve both sides with same values. For a bolt, increase the size of hexagon to a suitable gap between two threads and draw a desired form for outer profile. Divide in half and again revolve with similar angle values as in screw. Use fillet if needed. And you have nice matching pair of screw and bolt.

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A video would be nice… Thanks



That’s so much work. Just go to McMaster-Carr on-line, not their app. Choose what hardware you want, select the part number, then download the Step file. Import it and edit as necessary. Then 3D print your parts. All have come out perfect!


Why not the McMaster app?

While you see all the parts, the 3D downloads don’t appear within the app.

Not only nuts and bolts. Almost all their parts have cad drawings you can import and use.

@McD I was in the phone with McMaster about this earlier today. They were unaware that the CAD downloads in the iPad app disappeared and they’re trying to fix it.
The website and iPhone app still display the download option though.

I was downloading CAD models from the iPad app just last week, but I updated to iOS 15.1 a couple days ago and wonder if it had something to do with that.

Nathan, I too believed I had used the app in the passed. I even reached out to our colleague @TigerMike to ask if he experienced the issue. He only uses their website, not the app, so I presumed it was me confusing the two versions. I’m glad you took the effort to contact them. Great to know I didn’t lose my mind! :rofl:



McMaster got back to me, they’re fixing the iPad app in the next update to have cad files available again.

Cool Nathan. Amazing that they got back to you, and relatively quickly! Good effort! Thank you.

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The latest release of the McMaster app on the iPad has corrected the export issue. You can now export all the CAD assets directly to your Shapr project again.

The update came out a couple weeks ago, but I failed to mention it here.


Does anyone know of any restrictions regarding region on the mc master app?

I only see it loged in to US account, otherwise no.

Cause i cant seem to dowload the app and i live in norway.

You don’t need the app if you can go to their website from your browser. From there you can download nuts and bolts as well as other hardware. Here’s the link-

Thanks @TigerMike