Is there any pre defined nuts and bolts or allen bolts like in solid works

Pre defined nuts and bolts or even threads are not available

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Hi, no, currently not, but you can import them as .step or .x_t files. :slight_smile:

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This is definity not on their roadmap

An ISO-compliant thread-function was asked for numerous times before…

Please consider this or give us the chance to use user-plugins.
Sadly I stopped using Shapr3D since my designs relied on standardized fine-threads and some desktop-program just offers this functionality out of the box - but I want to work “on the road”…

Cheers Chris

We hear you! Do you need them modeled or rendered would be enough?

They have almost every piece of hardware in existence with 3D models for all of them to download for free. I’ve used their models for screws quite extensively. It’s pretty simple to import a screw or bolt and use it to create the corresponding threads by subtracting the fastener from the part that needs the threads.

What we really need is a library function in Shapr3D to manage all those little parts. Currently it is a fairly tedious process.


Dear István,
since I use the CAD for prototyping and 3D printing I need the threads modeled…

I tried McMaster a few times and I agree that the have plenty of standard nuts and bolts, but when you leave the realm of M6, M8, etc. it gets rough…

The ISO-standard is easy to describe in algorithms and thus even rarely used fine-threads as M42x.75 or any other of those threads used in fine-mechanics/astronomy/optics etc. can be created in just a few clicks and you can vary the length regardless of any library of ready made models.

We‘ve already discussed all the fundamental thoughts in the posts in January that I can’t find anymore, so I’m pretty sure that the implementation of a thread tool should be feasible (if ideas are missing - a look at Fusion360 will help).

Kind Regards

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I use , almost everything is there available for download.

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Unfortunately I can‘t find any M42 or M48 fine threads in 0.75mm pitch…

This is the reason for the revolving question for a dedicated tool since this tool would allow for any needed thread regardless of its entry in a parts-library.

Cheers Chris