Anatomical Objects - Arms mostly

We create educational programs for medical clinicians relating to IV’s and Central Catheters. I’m hoping there’s a way to create 3d models of arms and hands and upper torsos using shapr 3d. It doesn’t seem like this program is geared for medical renderings but let me know if there is a way to use this tool for 3d extremities.



Hi @GeorgeM1956 , for this use case you’ll need a 3D graphics program, like Zbrush or Blender, not a CAD system like Shapr3D.

Yeah, that’s what I thought. Didn’t realize it was CAD. Not an engineer….

Thanks Istvan,

ZBrush is tops for organic modelling but doesn’t work on iPads. Also worth trying is Nomad Sculpt, which is way cheaper and works on iPad.