Textures and Materials

Wasn’t sure where to ask this. I use Shapr3D on an iPad, and I am wondering what app(s), people are using to add textures, and materials. I am exploring furniture design using Shapr and am looking for ways to make the models look more realistic.

Thanks in advance.

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If and when I need that function I would use Blender which is free. But I am a Windows user. Not sure what Mac users would use.

Blender is available for the Mac too, for both Intel and M1 processors. I’m not sure how that would work, with Blender dealing in tessellated faces.

If you don’t want to leave the IPad, you could use Nomad Sculpt :

(a very good app, by the way)
You won’t be able to apply a texture like, eg “sticking” a photo of a wooden plank on a shape you made, but you will can paint your own texture, and also, tweaking with the stamp tool, you could be able to apply (sort of) patterns from photos (I am not sure to be clear enough !)
In order to do so properly and evenly, your exported model (as stl or obj) needs to be remeshed as quads, 4 sides polygons, and nomad sculpt can do this quite decently.
If you are patient, in a near future, Procreate will have an update for 3D painting, too !
If you are ready to move to a computer, yes Blender is a good solution as well, but again, your model needs to be remeshed, otherwise you will have a visual mess ! To remesh, or re topology your model, you can use this very good free program :


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Thanks for the replies. I’ll take a look at the ideas offered. @TheBum Tessallated that was a new one for me! Thanks.

Blender has quad conversion tools.

Nomad Sculpt and Cadmio(beta) are good choices on the ipad pro.

I made this some months ago only using Shapr3d and the Cadmio app.