Android and windows

SO what is this love affair that shaper has with IOS?

Android has a 80+ market penetration vs Ipad, Windows has a 75% Market Share vs IOs.

IOS seems to get all the love with regards to updates while windows is left lagging behind for the same price and ofcourse Android does not feature.

So why from a business point are you focused on such a small percentage of the market?

Hi @Barryd, Windows is certainly not left behind, actually we are working very hard to make it feature par with the other platforms. We don’t plan to release Shapr3D on Android anytime soon, mostly because on the tablet market Android devices that would be capable of running Shapr3D have a too small market share. However Windows tablets are fully supported.

Shapr3D originally started as an iPad app in 2016, and Shapr3D for Windows is relatively new, less than a year old. Once we get to feature parity, we’ll release every single feature at the same time on every platform. We are very close.