Android version please

Why dont we have android version sir, I havent got enough money to buy ipad.I beg you to upload this amazing application for samsung devices. I am planning a create a new project through this application.Please I beg you sir add this application to playstore or try to used to be in samsung devices. I know a lot of engineers to use your application in Samsung devices because in my country,Turkey, ipad devices are very expensive.Please sir reply me.

We will most likely never have an Android version, but the Windows version is already in private beta.


@Istvan_CEO_Shapr3D Including Tablet version of Windows?

Of course. :slight_smile:

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IPad mini sized tablet with 8GB RAM & Windows10 plus pen.
Would be amazing to work with :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, I wouldn’t really go down to the mini screen size, but the Surface Go 2 with it’s 10’ screen could be optimal. Though I would wait for the ARM version, now that Microsoft is also rumored to work on their ARM chip. The Intel CPUs are simply not energy efficient enough, and tend to generate much heat.

Mini size is very portable unlike others. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways you are absolutely right about intel and Arm.

But Arm devices tend to be more strict and doesn’t let developers move around freely
“That’s why I hate it”.

I wish Microsoft solve this issue and let tablets run exe extensions with ease.

Or similar applications to that in PC version.

Can I sign up for the Windows Beta?

Every architecture has it’s pros and cons, I don’t think ARM is generally more restrictive compared to x86. Each has their limitations, and ways to go around them.

Even quantum computers are absolutely terrible for some use cases, while demolish classic computers in others.

The key, as usual, is to use the right tool, for the right use case. When it comes to energy efficiency, nothing really beats ARM right now, so where heat and battery is a concern, it is the better choice. We can also see it making it’s way into desktop computers, so there are interesting times ahead.

The issue here is neither Google nor Apple allows you to use the right tools.

  • For example excel and vbs.

  • downloading an android studio or swift equivalent on a tablet would be awesome.

  • a terminal with root access.

Strange what they say about tablets being the future.
Yet they don’t allow it to reach its fullest potentials.

That’s why it will never replace Desktops.

A question I’ll leave the answer to you.

Where do you and most people export your files to?

It’s a private beta, but you can sign up here to get notified when it’s publicly available:

I haven’t used excel since years, thanks to Google.

I export mostly to Google Drive, or iCloud.

IMO tablets before simply weren’t strong enough, and didn’t have proper keyboard support for quite a long time to be used for development for example. Now, that an iPad Pro has almost the same power as the Macs with M1, and proper keyboard/mouse support, I can see these changing in the close future.

Of course, it is a business decision too.

They don’t really have to. A desktop platform will always have its advantages, like an actual upgrade path where you can switch only a CPU or GPU, add more memory or HDD/SDD any time you want etc. Portables, due to their form factor most likely no gonna get these, you have to replace the whole thing when you upgrade. Performance will also keep being limited by the cooling capabilities on the portable side. It can be improved, and the efficiency too, but you won’t ever get close to the colling of a high quality 360 AIO or a beefy air cooler.

But as I said, I don’t think desktops need to be replaced. If you can do 90% of the work on the go, and can add the last 10% on desktop, its fine, and we are getting closer and closer to this.

Too right!

If I could code on my iPad I’d be doing it all the time and have a lot more experience. Desktop and MacBook Pro leave me slightly phobic sometimes. Feels like work I suppose :joy:.

Excel vb has been a bugbear for me for years. It’s powerful and ubiquitous in many industries but they don’t even make it properly viable for Mac. Seems to be a bit of Mac/PC polarisation there; dumb!

I use iCloud and Dropbox together. Dropbox tends toward the business side because that’s what many others use. iCloud is just seamless for everything Mac related - automation is the way forward!!

Google Sheets and excel are pretty much the same.
If you don’t use formulas that is. :wink:

Even though on android and iPad versions
They do not allow for scripts. :frowning_face:

Who said that keyboard and mouse are the future? :slightly_smiling_face:

There are many keyboard apps on android at least that are more than enough.

And there is a styluses and pens so ?

People buying keyboards and mouses for there tablets.

Don’t know what to say about that. :roll_eyes:

But they shatter the whole portability purpose using them.

I mean they’re better off buying AIO or laptops as you mentioned.
But no judging. :slightly_smiling_face:

For me ? Wishing for the day when all my needs are in one brick. :upside_down_face:

Considering Apple’s iPad strategy and Microsofts’ Surface strategy, I think it’s quite clear that the future is hybrid, where touch, stylus, keyboard, mouse are all first class citizens and all software is expected to react properly for each of these input devices. Not too many apps are able to do that so far.

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I would ask here to include keyboard function with the Apple Pencil and not limit it to use with the mouse. I use the Smart Keyboard cover and pencil all time on my ipad. It would be great to use the keyboard shortcuts along with the pencil. I’m sure the keyboard shortcuts will continue to be expanded and improved.

Unfortunately that would be a massive overhead to support all the different combinations of all the input devices. We support Pencil+touch, mouse+keyboard, and Pencil+keyboard would be a 3rd, different paradigm. You probably don’t notice, but there are massive differences between how the app behaves when you are using the two different paradigms, and this is the exact reason why you don’t notice it :slight_smile: Addig a third would be crazy hard, and very few people would like to use the app like that.

I guess I understand your point. But I cannot believe I’m alone in using the keyboard and pencil together. I fear being disappointed as the desktop versions grows with capabilities that are available to keyboard and mouse but not available to those of use who are entirely mobile. Please don’t let that happen to such a wonderful tool.

No, you are not alone, but you are one of the very few :slight_smile:

We will keep the desktop and mobile versions feature par, scout’s honor! Actually the desktop and mobile apps are running on the same code base.

I’m gonna hold you to that :wink:

Keep up the good work @Istvan_CEO_Shapr3D

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